Soaps need a really dry soap tray

Don't leave your soap in a wet tray. After each use, make sure you wipe any excess water or lather from the soap with your hand before putting it in the soap tray. This way, your soap will last longer and will give you each time its rich, creamy lather. If you leave the soap in a wet tray, it will soften, "melt" and will be "slimy" next time you use it. Always prefer soap trays which allow water to drain.

"Store in a cool, dry place"

Flowerland soaps do not contain chemical preservatives or substances that boost lathering, hardness, etc. So please make sure that you store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct or intense sunlight, so that they can stay fresh longer!

"The correct use of soap"

Sounds elementary, but we have to say it anyway: wet your hands and the soap well with water before rubbing. While rubbing, add a little more water once or twice to give the soap a chance to produce a little more lather.

Best before...

Soaps generally have a long "shelf life" - that is, they can last quite a long time. They don't remain fresh for that long, though. Our soaps are not an exception to this rule, especially since they are "superfatted" for extra mildness. Make sure you use your soaps a few months after purchase so that you get the most out of them and you enjoy their freshness and fragrance.