In Flowerland we are making traditional soaps and natural cosmetics with pure vegetable oils and ingredients.

We are a small home business and we take pride in personally attending to every aspect of soap/cosmetics making, from selecting the ingredients and materials to packaging our products.

Our care for pure, high-quality products stems from our wish for a healthier and more natural way of life, as we know it from past generations, before industrialization and the wide-spread use of synthetic materials took over the markets.

Finally, we strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible: we do not produce any sort of waste during the process of making our products, we only use a small amount of energy (heat) to heat the oils and we choose plain packaging, from eco-friendly, recyclable / recycled materials.

You may find more information about us in this article (interview) in this issue (August 2011) of "Kathimerini" newspaper (article in Greek only).

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