Is your soap suitable for sensitive skin?

Of course. If you have sensitive skin your safest choice is soaps with herbal extracts, NO fragrance or colors. If you DO want fragrance, try soaps with allergen-free fragrances. In any case, read the ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to any of them (for instance, there is a small number of people who are allergic to palm oil).

Is your soap suitable for washing my hair?

Yes. Most Flowerland soaps are suitable for washing your hair - although our preference would be to opt for the purest ones: soaps with herbal extracts, NO fragrance or colors. Depending on your skin and hair type, you may need to experiment to find the recipe which works best for you (for instance, jojoba oil balances the secretion of sebum and should therefore be a good choice). Once again, you should judge which recipe has the best effects on your hair. A bit of advice: always rinse your hair thoroughly after washing!

Do you have any certification / quality guarantee?

Yes. We submit our main recipes to the General Chemical State Laboratory for analysis/examination as well. According to the results, our soaps quality is rated as 'excellent / outstanding'. You may view the entire official document in page 'Quality guarantee'.

Does your soap contain glycerin?

Yes. As described in page "Our method", glycerin is a by-product of saponification and we do not remove it - as is the case with most industrial soaps. Glycerin is a humectant ("attracts" moisture) and gently moisturises the skin.

Why don't you have soaps with flower petals or ground herbs?

Yes, we know. You mean something like the one in the picture, right? Admittedly, it's very good looking and trendy. We made it and tested it (the picture is from such a test batch - this particular batch contains ground calendula petals). The truth is that it certainly looks nice from an aesthetic point of view, but it falls short of offering any advantage compared to a soap without the ground flowers - unless you want to use it for scrubbing. There is something we find annoying about this type of soap, however: as it melts, ground flowers and herbs fall from the soap and remain in your hands, the soap tray and your wash basin. Se we opted for the simpler-looking version of the soap. If, however, you feel you love this type of soap, then by all means, have your say! We will heed your remarks. The customer is NOT always right - but it always helps to listen to what they have to say...!

Why do colors and swirls differ between bars of the same soap?

Remember that our soaps are hand-made! It is normal for swirls or color shades to differ between soaps (or batches of soap)!

Do your soaps contain lye?

Our soaps are made with lye, but they DO NOT CONTAIN LYE. On this common misonception as well as the misleading use of terms you can read more details here: "Soap made without lye" or "soap which does not contain lye"?.