The ingredients we use in all our soaps are entirely vegetable oils and herbs.  We do not use animal fats or chemical preservatives.
The primary material for all our soaps is virgin olive oil (more than 50% of the total oils used). The rest of the oils are vegetable oils and butters known for their moisturizing and protective properties (avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, etc.)
All our soaps produce a luxurious and creamy lather you will definitely enjoy!

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Soaps with herbal extracts, with no fragrance or colors
As pure as it gets! No fragrance or colors. Ideal for sensitive skins, babies or facial care. Most soaps in this category contain extracts and infusions from various herbs valued for their beneficial properties.
Soaps with allergen-free fragrance
With fabulous allergen-free fragrances (fragrances which do not contain any of the allergens listed in the E.U. cosmetics directive). If you have sensitive skin but cannot resist the enchantment of fragrances, you will simply love these soaps!
Soaps with fragrances
With fascinating, high-quality fragrances specially designed for cold-process soap.
Soaps for special uses
Soaps in this category are specially formulated for uses such as peeling, against cellulitis, etc.